The Value of Marubeni IT Solutions

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How should information technology be used to promote
the evolution of business in the cloud age?

Information technology is advancing at breakneck speed, with cloud computing, smart devices,
big data and other developments bringing ever-intensifying changes to the IT ecosystem.

For corporate users, a challenge of ever-growing importance is how to choose from among information technologies
that are becoming increasingly complex and diversified,
and then incorporate those technologies into their business evolution.
Our aim in this time of uncertainty is to be a guide and partner for our users.
And this can be realized through the precise application of our Discovery,
Design and Delivery implementation system.
This is our mission—the specific value we at Marubeni IT Solutions provide.

In the Discovery phase, we analyze the IT issues unique to our client companies.
We leverage our extensive knowledge of diverse industries and operations—as well as our
IT utilization practices and consulting capabilities—to visibly represent everything from
departmental business processes to corporation-wide IT strategies to clearly delineate
the challenges faced by our users.

In the Design phase, we leverage our IT technologies to design the optimum system for our customers. 
We utilize our broad range of application knowledge, state-of-the-art methodologies and technologies,
and our extensive business networks to design change-responsive systems that effectively leverage cloud technology.
The final stage, Delivery, is the system development phase.
Leveraging our capability of project management, IT foundation-building and
system operational design, we lead projects to success, and we deliver systems
that our customers will be able to derive value from in the long term.

Marubeni IT Solutions was created in April 2014, bringing together the strengths of three companies:
Marubeni Corporation, Marubeni Information Systems Co., Ltd. and Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.

Through fast and flexible IT power, we respond to all your business evolution needs.


(Written in Japanese)